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The Retail Ombudsman

If you have searched for house clearance Stockport then CHC - are here to assist. We take great pride in offering professional services that are both efficient and budget-friendly. We've become the go-to choice for your local house clearance in Stockport, thanks to our expertise in service provision, we also clear office's, garden's, flat's, apartment's, the list is endless. We're all about making sure you're completely satisfied, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And if that's not enough to put your mind at ease, we're also a member of the Retail & Services Ombudsman. So you can trust that you're in good hands. But it doesn't stop there! We're not just a waste removal Company. Over the past 10 years, we've also donated thousands of pounds to charitable causes. We believe that giving back to society is a fantastic way to make a positive impact while we do what we do best. So if you're in need of our house clearance Stockport & S. Manchester, look no further. We're here to help and make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Give us a call and let's chat about how we can assist you.

Meet the owner of CHC

Company owner

My name is Adam Cole and I am in charge of managing CHC - House Clearance Stockport. I have a BSc with Honours in Psychology and a Post Grad Dip in Social Sciences. I also have five years of experience working as a Palliative Nurse. My journey started in April 2001 when I studied Adult Nursing at Preston University. With the support of a Secondment from RAEI. I gained valuable experience in Orthopaedic, medical, and surgical wards at the RAEL. Later on, I advanced my career at St Joseph's Hospice in Ormskirk. After the hospice closed, I decided to pursue my passion for psychology and obtained my degree. In August 2007, I moved to Stockport. For over five years, I successfully owned and operated Family Life Home Care Ltd. Unfortunately, the short-term care industry declined, and we lost many clients. However, I continued my professional development with a Post Grad Dip in Social Sciences. During my program, I realised that my skills could be used in other areas. This led me to start Cheadle House Clearances Stockport & Seconds In Time. Today, I believe that our house clearance service is the most empathetic and understanding in the entire NW area. We understand the challenges that come with our service and we are dedicated to providing exceptional care. When you choose us, you can expect nothing less than the best.

Why Choose a Licensed Waste Removal  Firm? 

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In light of the increasing problem of fly-tipping in our local area, it is crucial to engage the services of a licensed and registered waste disposal firm. While unlicensed individuals may offer cheaper rates for waste removal, there is a risk that they may dispose of your waste illegally. In the event of such illegal disposal, you may be subject to charges and fines of up to £5,000. By selecting a licensed firm, you not only avoid potential legal consequences but also save yourself from the associated headaches and significant financial implications. Our company is dedicated to redefining the concept of a clearance company. We prioritize empathy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in our operations. Furthermore, we are deeply committed to the well-being of the local community and have made it a priority to contribute as much as possible to charitable causes. Additionally, we strive to be the most environmentally conscious house clearance company in Stockport. We actively seek opportunities to reuse and recycle items whenever feasible.

Why Use CHC For Your House Clearance Needs

.These are the points that we feel separate us from other House Clearance Companies

  • Local family run house clearance service.
  • Ethical & empathic
  • 100% Customer orientated
  • Fully licenced & Insured
  • Professional service from start to finish
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • We help local community charities
  • Free no obligation quotes
  • Competitive pricing
  • Full itemised quotes
  • Trusted by local Solicitors & Estate Agents
  • Over 40 years combined experience
  • 100% 5 Star customer reviews over 10 yrs service
Fly tipping

" A householder in Stockport recently paid a bogus company £20 to take their waste away. The waste was promptly fly tipped and traced back to the householder. When interviewed under Caution by the Council the householder had not checked that the Waste Carrier was Registered, nor had they obtained a receipt –they had no record of who they were. Cllr Philip Harding said "Residents might not realise it but in this situation the householder has a duty of care and can be prosecuted. It’s really not worth giving such waste removal rogues your money"'

Here at CHC we hold a current waste carriers licence (CBDU436081) with the Environment agency. All our insurances are valid and we are currently the only clearance company who are governed by the Retail and services Ombudsman. 

During all clearances we try and reuse as much as possible and as you know give to local charities were possible. It is extremely important for local public and businesses to be aware of the continuing prevalence of rogue clearance companies and fly-tippers who may offer you a ‘cheap’ price but then illegally dispose of your waste. You may be fined up to £5000 if you were to use rogue fly-tippers!


Fly tipping is a serious issue that poses a threat to our environment and public health. It refers to the illegal dumping of waste in unauthorized areas such as roadsides, empty lots, or even rivers and forests. This irresponsible behaviour not only spoils the beauty of our surroundings but also contaminates the soil, water, and air we rely on.

If you come across a fly tipping incident, it is crucial to report it immediately. By reporting such cases, you can help local authorities take action against the culprits and prevent further damage. Reporting can be done by clicking the button below.

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CHC 2024 Charitable Organisation of Choice

In 2024, we are thrilled to announce that we are once again supporting local children with disabilities, families on low income, and those facing various challenges. Together, let us embark on a journey of compassion and empowerment, as we join hands to uplift these remarkable individuals. Imagine the joy and wonder that will fill their hearts as they experience the incredible Circus Starr show in Stockport. 

This extraordinary event is not just a performance, but a catalyst for transformation, enrichment, and inspiration. Through the magical art of circus, we have the power to touch lives and ignite a spark of hope. Every child and family deserves a chance to be uplifted, to find solace and strength in the face of adversity. Let us stand together, united in our mission to bring joy and light into the lives of those who need it most. By supporting Circus Starr, we are creating a ripple effect of positivity, spreading love and encouragement throughout our community. 

Together, we can empower them to dream big, to believe in themselves, and to overcome obstacles that come their way. 

Join us on this extraordinary journey and witness the power of compassion in action. To create a world where every child and family feels seen, valued, and cherished. Together, we can make a lasting impact and transform lives. Together, let us create a world where dreams come true and where every child and family can experience the magic of Circus Starr.

If you require house clearance or waste removal services, give us a call on 0161 4257475 or 07368819442, or alternatively email at for a friendly consultation and a quote. For post-bereavement services we offer an empathetic and as non-intrusive a service as possible.



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